The work of Michael Zieba takes up the issues of phenomenology and returns to the issues of visual perception, so well known to us, but too often ignored in everyday life. The ability to perceive the world so deeply has always fascinated philosophers, scientists, art historians, and since we can tangibly say it has attracted the attention of artists.

Skillfully showing out-of-the-box thinking – intentionality – one of the results of phenomenological reflection is the discovery of the intentionality of consciousness. Whenever we think, imagine, or perceive, our minds are always directed toward something else. Time does not exist, everything happens simultaneously in the universe, we perceive it sequentially because this is how we experience it, each choice we make gives us new opportunities, we influence everything that happens in countless places, without even knowing it. Studying philosophy, mathematics, quantum physics and psychology allows for a deeper understanding of ourselves and appreciating the value of the world that surrounds us. By seeing the fundamental laws of the universe and putting them into practice, we consciously have the opportunity to influence our reality, creations – manifestations of our thoughts.

Unexpectedly, 2005 brought a lot of changes. It was then that Michael began his path of self-improvement, spiritual self-knowledge, and for the next years he worked and developed around the New York Art World, among more or less famous artists. This work allowed him to get to know the perception of the human mind. A deeper spiritual development that is very clearly visible in every topic Michael raises. Nothing is a coincidence, starting with the form, the composition of the material, and ending with dimensions that play a lot of symbolic significance, along with mathematics here enter the fractals, where the world of perception becomes the real world. Every thought can be brought to life through an artistic form, just as metal, through the casting process, can actually come into being out of nothing … and this is nothing at the same time all of this … it is our thoughts, our energy. The power of creation.

A creative breakthrough was 2016, the first release of the pocket clip “Devil Tail” on the S2 folding knife. It represents our Ego, our inner struggle to stabilize ourselves in the pursuit of perfection. The balance that permeates us motivates us to everyday activities. A philosophy so well known in the cultures of the Far East and West. Michael Zieba was then awarded the title of “Best New Designer of 2016” Blade Show 2016, Atlanta, GA.

In 2017, cooperation with Shinola Detroit resulted in a new concept of small MS3 “Manhattan Special 3” folding knives, which perfectly fit into the mainstream profile of Shinola Detroit. You can find out more about cooperation projects by clicking on the link:


The initial design of a limited number of kitchen knives was also very well received by individual customers. Over the last 4 years, none of these knives have returned to repair, which proves a well-thought-out composition of the materials used. An honest approach to the best materials and finishes that allows you to get the right individual price has helped fill the gap in the world of high-class knives designed with modernity, aesthetics and familiarity in kitchen use in mind, both for private individuals and restaurants.

Another great twist is the subject of death and the knowledge of Latin, a symbolism so visible and at the same time hidden for an ordinary mortal. Memento Mori – so many know these words, but few know how to skillfully read the meaning. By turning inside ourselves so that we can judge what is most important to us. Showing death, skulls, and symbols as a single piece was not that widely known with tactical knives. The entire element of the knife, which has a physical function, also has a second bottom, or symbolic meaning, never shown in this way before. Skull Spacer is an officially registered trademark, which is always made entirely of one piece of silver or bronze, these metals themselves have enormous symbolism, which, combined with titanium, creates an artistic vision of what is so distant, very valuable to us, and immediately available at your fingertips.

The entirety of the artistic achievements was built on many trials and errors from which drawing the correct conclusions has brought the intended results. The foundation is how we think about everything that surrounds us. By successively affirming who we are, how we perceive the world, we can give much more than we can expect. If you found time to read it all, you will understand that behind each project there is a secret that will be seen by those who are ready to understand it. Through the name of the item, dimensions, material and finish, when you put it all together, you will see much more than you expect.

Michael Zieba comes from a family whose history is written from A.D. 1226. A.L. 5226. The first mention of maternal ancestors is dated at this time. The family practiced the knowledge of Kabbalah and the traditional Christian values in which Michal was raised. The maternal family motto of the Dubiel [original DuBois] surname is “Per Aspera Ad Astra” which means “through hardships to the stars”. Both parents are families of noble origin.

The spiritual gif that Michael has is the result of the work of generations that have developed his artistic talents, they have their roots and foundations in Spiritualism “Self-discovery”

Expanding his education by studying psychology and psychiatry has allowed Michael wider research on the influence of our unique individual consciousness, which is built and expanded through the general knowledge available, and then its direct influence on the subconscious, which through dreams has a direct impact on our everyday life.

Through his own individual creations, Michael tries to pass his knowledge, the energy of creation to other people, so Michael has a very individual approach to his customers who do not only come and buy everyday items such as kitchen knives, but artistic knives that have enormous energetic importance. More on this subject at https://www.ziebaknives.com/workshop

Through jewelry, Michael is able to determine what will really help us in the individual hope of the path within ourselves, the path of our lives that we travel ourselves. The choices and who we are in life really depend on a lower level of consciousness, which is determined by education, but one that is our real, which is a reflection of our own soul.

That is why many people find a part of themselves in the works that Michael creates his own vision since 1986.

With the advent of 2020, Michael focused on helping other people who started to appear in his life, asking for themselves, where they have to look to be able to change themselves, to focus on their own life, to overcome the nuisances and depression that with an alarming pace it began to touch more and more people.

For this very reason, Michael ZIEBA and a group of friends founded Future & Past – Non Profit Public Charity

Organization described as IRS Status (IRC 509 (a) (1) IRC 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) are charities that normally receive a substantial part of their support from governmental units and / or from Page 3 direct or indirect contributions from the general public.

The Foundation was born with the thought of helping young beginners and current artists, whose activities and artistic achievements can be classified in a special way as artistic and functional art.

We intend to support selected pupils in achieving the goal chosen by them, which is their personal dream.We believe that in this way their original manifestation will be able to create new generations of artists with respect for the culture and traditions of the cultural achievements of the present times.


1) Organization, promotion and support for the development of talents of children, youth and adults, especially from small urban and rural centers.

2) Activities for the benefit of science, education, and upbringing in the field of artistic activities, in particular metal arts.


3) Technical, training and information support activities for non-governmental organizations and other entities operating in the field of public benefit.




If you would like to talk about the Charitable Foundation, its individual support and goals, please contact Michael directly by phone 609-255-7222 or by email at ziebametal@gmail.com




Michal is open to cooperation with anyone who has an open mind and needs guidance that will put him on the right track in his own life, so that everyone can understand the power of his own mind that will allow him to get to know himself better and deeper, improve partnerships or work with parents of children of all ages, because the work is focused on the family and the parents themselves and not the child itself, Michal is the father of three children aged 11,9 and 8y old, who show very high talent in the early years of adolescence. Educational methods have been extremely successful. Proven by being realistically reflected in everyday life that is the same for every average American family.