In early 2009, my workshop was located in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood. Once a haven for the shipbuilding, printing and steel industries in the 19th century and during World War II, it continues its industrial traditions and is home to hard-working immigrants from around the world.

This is how I have always perceived this place.

The strength of the events I started to become interested in other techniques of metallurgy, welding, casting and the finishing process according to a previously agreed plan.Working on many levels allowed me to properly present my personal vision of the artistic front that it creates.

Along with the circumstances of my life and the sense of searching for what I had before myself, I changed my place of residence to Princeton, NJ. I still do some elements in NYC but they are fine-tuned in my personal atelrie.

In creation, intuition is guided to combine the right message combined in a composition that will be expressed in the simplest way possible. I’ve been working on a dagger for 3 years, a sculpture that shows a little more than average. I wanted to show more of what I want to convey, it is said that the simpler the form, the more complicated it is, but what if it really depends on our perspective, how we see and understand the world.

Dagger of the EARTH 5 Elements of Source Creation “Enlightenment”

I am still wondering if I should portray everything as it is for me, with details where every part, every element, texture and finish have their own hidden symbolism.It is readable in its entirety at the 600-900 level, according to the long known map of consciousness, the scale of human consciousness with reference to the research output of Dr. David R. Hawkins, who worked at the University of California, Berkeley. He was a nationally renowned American psychiatrist, doctor, researcher, spiritual teacher and lecturer. He was a renowned authority on the study of consciousness and spirituality, written and taught from the unique perspective of an experienced clinician, scientist, and mystic.

The symbolism and message of the dagger are not understandable to people below 200 levels, even with accurate description, they will still be misinterpreted.

The dagger, like everything around us, will never be fully finished, because nothing ends, its external proportions express divine proportions.

      • Someone used very wise words, knowledge is power

        The starting price of such a Dagger is $ 88,000 USD and is practically unlimited as to the possibilities that can be made thanks to the wide range of materials available, and the correct knowledge of the individual client, with whom it is a very personal and private work. Therefore, the Dagger presented here is My own reflection of thoughts, emotions and self-creation. Having the right objects in life is very important because they have a direct impact on our subconsciousness, so we cannot surround ourselves with anything that distances us from our sense of life and our own dreams.

        The price of the featured Dagger includes additional work on the scabbard that will reflect the souls of the merchant, and is $ 248,000 USD – Just like everything in our life, it must have the right intention that will lead us to a better tomorrow. Our Soul will change our suffering to the joy of our own spirit, which is responsible for our life.