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The most well-known Japanese mask is called an Oni mask after the demon-like creatures from Japanese folklore. These masks typically depict either a red or blue horned creature with two long fangs protruding from its mouth.

There’s something about an oni mask that makes people feel like they’re in a horror movie. And, apparently, there’s something about wearing one that makes people feel even more scared. There’s something about the intimidating features of an oni mask that seems to add an extra layer of terror to any situation. Some people use oni masks as part of their Halloween costumes, while others use them for horror movies or roleplaying games.

Oni masks, also known as ogre masks or demon masks, are a type of face mask worn in various traditional ceremonies and performances around Japan. They are typically made from cloth or leather and are decorated with spikes, horns, or other features that make them resemble the heads of evil spirits. Oni masks often have a fearsome appearance, and their use is believed to bring good luck, protection, and power to their wearers. The oni mask has been used in traditional Japanese theater for centuries and is still popular today.


Oni mask is a popular cultural icon with many different interpretations. The oni mask is said to have originated from the oni, or demons of Japanese mythology. Oni are said to be fierce and powerful creatures that can cause destruction and chaos. The oni mask is meant to scare away these evil spirits and protect people from their harmful influence. Another popular theory is that the Oni mask represents the dark and dangerous aspects of human nature. According to this interpretation, the Oni mask is a reminder that everyone has a dark side, and that we should be careful not to let our darker impulses take control.

The oni mask is also often used in traditional Japanese weddings. It is thought to bring good luck and happiness to the bride and groom. In recent years, the oni mask has also become popular as a Halloween costume.

Bead has been hand cast using the lost wax method that provides exquisite detail to every aspect of the design. Every bead is carefully hand finished.

Bead dimensions:

Width: 13.33mm // 0.525’

Length: 19.95 // 0.785”

Bead hole size: 6.16mm

Weight: Yellow Brass 13.78g // 8.87 dwt

This size was made for a knife lanyard accessory or easy keychain carry.

The bead hole is large enough to accomodate 2 Strands of 550 Paracord (with the inner strands still inside) or a substantial piece of Leather (6mm) **

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