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Butterfly Skull



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This one of a kind bronze “Butterfly Skull”

Bead has been hand cast using the lost wax method that provides exquisite detail to every aspect of the design. Every bead is carefully hand finished.

The butterfly is made of silver and integrated into the eye sockets, it presents Papilio Ulysses, which is a frequent motive of spiritual transformation, rejection of one’s ego and transition to the next dimension.

Bead dimensions:

Width: 13.33mm // 0.525’

Length: 19.95 // 0.785”

Bead hole size: 6.16mm

Total weight : 14.23g // 9.15dwt

This size was made for a knife lanyard accessory or easy keychain carry.

The bead hole is large enough to accomodate 2 Strands of 550 Paracord (with the inner strands still inside) or a substantial piece of Leather (6mm) **

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