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ZIEBA Chaosmos – “ As above, so below”


  • Disc Solid Sterling Silver .925 Silver

  • Bell made out Bronze.

  • High: 40.80mm // 1.606”

  • Width: 31.36mm // 1.234”

  • Weight 30.07g // 19.34 dwt

  • Stainless Steel Box Chain 4mm (0.157”) x 60cm ( 24”)

    on request, I am able to make a custom size.

In fact, it represents everything we can dream of and a way to get there … the dimensional symbolism of how everything was created is very important here. There is a reason why both sides are mirrored, why the bell is made of bronze and not all silver like a disk, why the meaning of the stainless chain is so clear and bold here … everything is unbreakable, interdependent.

If the checkerboard pattern of this Chaosmos Disk represents the fabric of space/time, the spherical warp within the center could represent the gravitational warp a star would cause as it sits upon this space/time. This gives a perspective of a wave/vortex which causes the illusion that the “space” where the star is sitting is being warped. This is potential insight into how gravity and curvature motions can literally warp space and time. In this particular Disk from my perception, once you see it you cannot unsee it until you look away.

Noun. chaosmos (uncountable) The world, viewed as a fusion of order and disorder. The world, viewed as a meaningless assemblage of infinite perspectives.

“What does all of this really mean for me? Etheric state between the physical and mental world, the transition of the soul into the fourth dimension, the gate…”

  • Design and Made by Michael ZIEBA