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Cobalt Custom Flashlight Clip – Blue Diamond Eyes Setting

  • How many time did You think about something original? one off?

    “The superiority of Cobalt is the only reason why I chose this contemporary metal for our cobalt flashlights clips. It is, by far, the most sophisticated, naturally white, hypoallergenic, 100% solid, scratch-resistant, and luxurious medical-grade alloy in the world.

    ~Michael ZIEBA

Designed to fit the Frame of many different Custom Lights (some Hand Adjustment may be required) including but not limited to the following:

Hanko Machine Works / HMW

Ti 2 Design & CWF Lights by Mike Bond / Charles Wiggins

Barrel Flashlights

Laulima Metalcraft – Malihini Lights by Mitch Lum / Dawson Machine

Deadwood Lights by Garret


Each piece has amazing detail.

  • this is full custom made Clip, I’m not making anymore of them

  • if You have any question please email