Devil Hammer



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ZIEBA – Devil Hammer –

Hammer of #11 Justice / Truth HHH / YYY / 999

  • 11” Long

  • 3-1/2” Hight

  • Handle out of Walnut and Yellow Hart Natural Wood

Symbolizes – justice, honesty, truth, cause and effect, law.

Varuna is a Vedic deity associated initially with the sky, later also with the seas as well as Ṛta (justice) and Satya (truth)

Each Hammer is Made to Order, it is possible to custom each for personal preference.

All wooden handles are cut by Nik Dvornikov @broinwood // Kentucky USA as we work with cutting boards and other wood related items.


You hold your life in your hands, the Devil’s Tail symbolizes our mind, that’s why the handle is made of walnut, both sides of the brains, right and left, past and our future, our consciousness and our subconscious, in the middle of the Yellow Heart is a natural wood that in the light of UV shines, it symbolizes our path of the “Middle Pillar Path”, that is, personal balance and balance in the harmony of our own life in the present time, when we are present here and now in our lives to see the truth.

This path leads us to understand the mirror, on both sides of the central part the outlines of a rectangular frame are visible, from which the angel’s wing grows on the left and on the right.

What is a Mirror? The mirror is ourselves, looking in the mirror we see ourselves, maybe our better or worse side, but we ourselves embed ourselves and others, and through our thoughts from the other side of the mirror, that is our subconsciousness, through an act guided by intention, we create our reality.

The left wing in the inner part has a Kabbalistic cross, the Medallion of the Mystery of Light, which is to remind that the Left Hand Path must be kept in balance and the harmony of the world that creates this path must remain intact. Whether we take the right path within ourselves depends on choosing and understanding the Right Hand Path along with high moral standards. This will allow you to understand the basic knowledge about the Morning Star and that it is made up of 4 elements supported by the spirit, which in this case symbolizes ourselves, because we hold it in our hands and decide what to do with it.

The five-pointed star symbolizes creations, the four elements that are operated by the spirit. Everything comes from our dreams, when we dream, we create our own world, called a lucid dream, which comes to life in us with the advent of morning.

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Hammer  is made to individual order. It is possible to change the style or material when ordering. If you have questions, please contact me.