Fly High Rings



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this is set of 2rings “Fly High” made for Left and Right Hand..

Width: 6.33mm

Silver: .925 // or Custom Order Alloy.

Finger size: Custom Made to Order.

Inside Na’aseh v’nishma

“We will do and we will listen to all that God has declared” (Exodus 24:7)

(Psalm 111:10). We gain understanding through obedience

For me personally it means “trust what you think and then you will understand the meaning correctly”.

Obey to understand.

In a deeper sense, it connects with The Book of Job, there after 16 years I found the meaning of why this is my own life motto, which I myself have engraved and I am wearing an identical one.

Everything is a metaphor in our life as it is itself. if you see more, you will understand more.

Each ring is custom made to order – that way It will fit perfect. I want to make sure also it will be something special, build and casted especially for One Person.

100% Design and Made in New York – USA