Fly High



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– Fly High –

  • Stainless Steel Box Chain 4mm -(4th Dimension)

  • Brass Bell – Chevron DNA connection 5mm intake

  • Silver Diamond Plate .925

  • Brass Butterfly

Original Design – Full Custom / Made to Order. Takes about 2-3 weeks to complete all.

The butterfly spirit animal is one of the most symbolic animals that’s associated with personal transformation.

The butterfly symbolism urges you to pay attention to certain aspects of your life that need to be changed or transformed.

When the butterfly totem appears to you in your dreams or in your daily life, you are being encouraged to be more sensitive to your personal growth and expansion.

This is the time to witness the continuous unraveling of beauty in your life! Spiritually speaking, the butterfly spirit animal signifies resurrection and the need for meditation if you wish to take the road to enlightenment.

But perhaps the most well-known butterfly symbolism is that of rebirth, metamorphosis, and transformation.

This is because the butterfly goes through different stages before it comes out to the world better, stronger, and more beautiful.

This means that your life will also be moving through different stages.

You will also undergo different struggles and take giant leaps so that you can grow, change, and become someone you have never even imagined.

The meaning of the butterfly wants you to believe in magic. If you want to change the colors of your life, live your dreams and make all your wishes come true!

Spread your wings and soar high to make your spirit come alive again. Make the impossible a reality by going beyond what you believe is possible.

The necklace is made to individual order. It is possible to change the style or material when ordering. If you have questions, please contact me.

  • Design and Made by Michael ZIEBA