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Titanium EDC “Memento More” Carabiner / Custom Key Chain

Solid Titanium C – shape ergonomic frame

Innovative, durable and functional with premium titanium quick release snap for easy attaching and releasing, standard hexagonal hole for driver bits and beveled edge for prying, scraping and screwing; can be used as a makeshift flat head screw driver. Titanium is a corrosion-resistant hypoallergenic metal, lighter and stronger than steel, making this carabiner perfect for daily use.

Designed for Key Chain EDC Carry

*Product is not rated for climbing or weight lifting.



Width: 41 mm // 1-5/8″

Length: 81 mm // 3-1/8″

Height: 6mm // 1/4″

Weight: 28gram // 1.0 ounces


Custom Made // Made to Order, 14-21days.

Our collections of knives and equipment are handmade in Brooklyn, New York City by Michael Zieba.

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