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This one of a kind ZIEBA Bead:

” Angel GABRIEL” Bronze Skull with Silver Wings but… Cherubim

As a result of the wings falling towards each other, the so-called “Mirror effect”, a higher form of interpretation of the concept of Angel was created, because the Angel of Dawn symbolizes itself and screams itself, as the Morning Star. The morning is very important, but the whole creation actually started at the dusk of the previous day, wasn’t it?

Angels are perfect symbols that there is a God. Through them, humans get to know God because they symbolize devotion, hope, trust, faith, and love, the same qualities found in humans. … An Angel GABRIEL gift is a representation of faith and a heart that believes in God.

  • Four Faces

  • Four Wings

More about Angel Cherubim and Angel Ophanim

  • Book of Enoch/ Ezekiel’s Vision 1

  • Daniel 7

  • Revelation 13

Bead has been hand cast using the lost wax method that provides exquisite detail to every aspect of the design. Every bead is carefully hand finished.

Bead dimensions:

Width: 13.33mm // 0.525’

Length: 19.95 // 0.785”

Bead hole size: 6.16mm

Weight: Brass 13.78g // 8.87 dwt

Ophan Bead is Made to individual Custom Order //2 weeks time frame.

This size was made for a knife lanyard accessory or easy keychain carry.

The bead hole is large enough to accomodate 2 Strands of 550 Paracord (with the inner strands still inside) or a substantial piece of Leather (6mm) **

Custom Made // Made to order 14-21 days.