Ouroborus Box Chain



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ZIEBA Ouroborus Box Chain

  • Stainless Steel Chain 60cm x4mm

  • Snake made out of .925 Sterling Silver

Each is made individually, it is also possible to modify dimensions from 4mm to 5mm and length to individual needs. I myself wear such a clasp with a 4mm chain and a Cosmic Flower, which is also made to individual order.

As a symbol of the Gnostics, the Urobor expresses the spiritual and physical unity of all things that will never disappear and will last forever in the form of constant destruction and rebirth. Originally, Urobor was a symbol of the river that was to flow around the Earth, without springs or mouths, into which the waters of all rivers and seas in the world poured. It is a symbol of infinity, eternal return and unification of opposites (coincidentia oppositorum or coniunctio oppositorum). The serpent biting its own tail indicates that the end in the process of eternal repetition corresponds to the beginning. We are dealing here with the symbolism of cyclical repetition – the circulation of time, the renewal of the world and worlds, death and rebirth, simply eternity. In alchemical symbolism, spoil is a symbol of a closed, constantly repeating metabolic process – a process which in the form of heating, evaporation, cooling and condensation phases of a liquid is supposed to sublimate a substance. Urobor is the equivalent of the philosopher’s stone. In Carl Gustav Jung’s analytical psychology, urobor is a metaphor for the early childhood phase of development, in which the process of differentiation into the external and internal world has not yet taken place, and therefore the phase in which sexual identity has not yet formed. Only the emerging awareness of “I” will allow us to break the post-moral phase, differentiating the world into matriarchal and patriarchal.

Chain  is made to individual order. It is possible to change the style or material when ordering. If you have questions, please contact me.