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Rabbit #4



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Rabbit #4

– Charlie Boy Brass Bead

Native American legend says that Rabbit was a great hunter and a bit of a cheat, but most of all Rabbit was confident in his abilities. So confident that even when the Lynx circles the fern in planning its attack, the Rabbit can enjoy his pipe, confident that he can avoid this deadly enemy.

There is truth in every legend. And the truth in the Rabbit legend is that confidence is a powerful asset when backed by skill. For legends inspire us to greatness, but only through truth can we achieve it.

“The rabbit is not afraid, because he knows he’s smarter than the panther.”

Made out of Yellow Brass

Weight 13.09 gram /// Height 27mm

Limited to 11pcs.

What deities are associated with rabbits?

Many deities are associated with rabbits, include Eostre, Goddess of Spring, who turned her pet bird into one. Rabbits are sacred to Hermes, for they share the fleet-footedness of the messenger. Silver hares accompany Freya. There is a common modern association between Hekate and rabbits

What is rabbit in Greek mythology?

goddess of love, beauty, and marriage — for rabbits had “the gift of Aphrodite” (fertility) in great abundance. In Greece, the gift of a rabbit was a common love token from a man to his male or female lover. In Rome, the gift of a rabbit was intended to help a barren wife conceive.

The brass Charlie Boy bead is inspired by my own White Rabbit who appeared quite unexpectedly in my life and was adopted by me from an animal shelter in Brooklyn, NY. As it later turned out, the rabbit was surrender to the shelter by the previous owner on my birthday.

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