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ZIEBA – Silver Razor Blade “Per Aspera ad Astra”


  • Snake and Razor made out of .925 Silver

  • High: 54mm including Snake

  • Weight 39.00g // 25.08 dwt

  • Stainless Steel Box Chain 5mm (0.196”) x 60cm ( 24”)

What does this symbol really mean for us, what meaning is assigned to it, how our own subconscious perceives it all.

Razor Blade Snake – by wearing such a pendant, we show that we are in the process of transformation. Something important is happening in our lives and is ready for many challenges that will change our fate in the right direction, people who are rebellious undoubtedly have such a pendant in their collection. Razor is also a symbol of courage. It also shows an artistic soul and a willingness to follow unpaved paths.

  • Made by Michael ZIEBA

  • Design by Paradox