Sacred Magic Apple



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Sacred Magic Apple

What is the purpose of using such an Apple… “Star Dust”

“He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery.” – Kybalion

H: 3.5” W: 3”

Note that the apple is made entirely of brass and silver.

We ourselves are such an apple of manifestation of our desires and dreams in everyday life. The apple is made of brass, which symbolizes the male aspect, ie consciousness, the symbol of the sun… consciousness… while the demon and snake’s bite symbolizes the feminine aspect, ie our subconscious…

The Moon in pure form.

“Indeed, the fruit is always the fruit of the tree and the source, the leaves are like the season, they come and go… with different colors… just like the demons and snakes around us….” – ZIEBA

The apple is my very personal manifestation of my personal contradictions. There are moments in life when the Sun looks for a shade that Apple leaves give, yes they are moon leaves … – ZIEBA

“Where does ‘darkness’ leave off, and ‘light’ begin?” – Kybalion

At the bottom, inside the apple, there is a magic sq # 72 which it symbolizes by its presence among a swarm of tiny moths…

In the upper part I put Magic Sq # 9 it has a completely different meaning, it is to lead the path of truth, nine is the number of ultimate power, the decision we have chosen for ourselves.

Freedom of mind does not lie in the hands of another person, but in yours, and it turns into a manifestation, so choose well who you want to be, the servant or the one who plays the game, called life.

Each Apple is created on an individual order, as each person, because each Apple may have an individual purpose and a personal original aspect that we can create together.

A person who understands perfectly the process of manifestation, i.e. the process of controlling one’s own thoughts and not a material or other object, a person will find a lot in this Apple, it is primarily a vessel made of bronze.


33% of the income from the sale of each apple goes to charity, ultimately to the foundation “Future and Past” and NJ Non Profit Corporation, in order to educate young artists. More about NP at