The Cosmic Flower



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ZIEBA The Cosmic Flower – “ As above, so below”


  • Solid Sterling Silver .925 Silver

  • High: 47mm // 1.85”

  • Width: 34mm // 1.33”

  • Weight 20.80g // 13.39 dwt

  • Stainless Steel Box Chain 4mm (0.157”) x 60cm ( 24”)

    on request, I am able to make a custom size.

Original Design – Full Custom / Made to Order. Takes about 2-3 weeks to complete all.

THE COSMIC FLOWER OF THE SUN GENERATES ENERGY IN A HIDDEN CORE and reveals it as light that flows from its burning surface. This is universal radiance. Either way, each creature has its own expression of its energy at its core: the crawling snake, the gentle walk of the deer, the descending dance of the swallow, the waving of the wheat in the wind, the sparkling geometry of the crystal. .

The unique signature of each type of being has its source in the soul, the virgin energy that animates it. Their body expression is a way of radiating or developing vital energy, the bud developing into a flower. It can be said that all earthly life forms consciously or unconsciously pay homage to the Sun in their radiant development; however, it is most noticeable in flowers. And the polygonal shapes of many flowers that develop from bubble buds can work as geometric metaphors for the development of time and life.


To understand the principles of creation, to transcend mental concepts and language, we need symbols of the imagination that opens to deeper modes of knowledge, understanding and intuition. This is what geometric art can be for us. When the new moon is in front of the sun, a great symbol forms in the sky – the solar eclipse. The evenness of their apparent becomes evident – the synchronicity going beyond the concentric panels, which naturally our attention. Like all symbols, there are few or many interpretations.

For me, it is the highest level of life, a vibration that surrounds us and permeates us, we ourselves are an integral part of the universe, whether we like it or not …

Cosmic Flower has it all …

the Fibonacci sequence hidden in natural lines is important due to the so-called the golden ratio of 1.618 or its reciprocal of 0.618.

Relationship to the human body and life as it is …

There are those who consider it to be “sacred geometry” representing the basic forms of time and space. But there is more to it, which is reflected in its symbolism.

Michael ZIEBA