the Eye



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the Eye

Eye 9 Symbolic Meaning

1. You Are Focused

2. It’s A Vision

3. You Are Intelligent

4. It’s Making Something Clear

5. You’ll Find Your Life Purpose

6. Judgment Of Life Events

7. You’ll Have A Better Eating Lifestyle

8. A Way To Your Soul

9. It’s An Awakening

The bronze responds to the Sun, so in this case it is the male consciousness, the lens represents the female consciousness, therefore in this case it is made of silver …. The first Moth is made of silver, when our subconscious hits us then the manifest begins … the total number of Moths are 23 that are inside the eye. Each eye is numbered.

Why is this so? a person who understands will understand what it is for and what you can get it in your life, for a better manifestation of your dreams.

This Bead works as Talisman

Only 9pcs available for public in this Combination

These is Very Unique ~ Hand Cast 3D Eye Bead ~ using the Lost Wax Method that provides exquisite detail to every aspect. Made out of bronze and silver

The Beads have amazing detail and the unique Hand Made process creates a variety of unique colors on each bead.

This Size was made for a Knife Lanyard accessory or easy KeyChain carry

The opening through the Bead is large enough to accomodate 2 Strands of 550 Paracord (with the inner strands still inside) or a substantial piece of Leather.

A great Hand Made product and each one has distinct style and craftsmanship