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The Moth Belt Buckle



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Real Custom Made – Original Design

The moth symbolizes determination, attraction, psychic abilities, and faith. Although moths are nocturnal, they are driven toward light for some unknown reason.

What is the spiritual meaning of a goat horn ?

So, we can say that the goat spirit animal is a symbol of faith and independence. … Actually, the male goat symbolized virility and the female goat was used as a symbol of abundance and reproduction. In the past the goat was sometimes associated with the wicked as well. The goat may symbolize balance, respect and peace.

  • Argentium Sterling Silver .925

  • Skull Made out of Brass

Full Custom Made in New York City – USA

Each Belt Buckle is made to individual order to mach Your Belt.

Each Belt Buckle is not coming with belt.

If You would like to get more information on custom jewelry please email.