Tourmaline Acorn



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  • Stainless Steel 4mm Box Chain 24” long,

  • Branches Sterling Silver 925

  • Acorn out of Tourmaline

Total silver weight: 34.07 dwt // 53 gram // 1.8 oz

Original and Full Custom Made in NYC- USA

An acorn metaphor can remind us to look deep inside and discover the seed of something wonderful that is yet to develop. It will take time, persistence and the right nurturing, but something magnificent is waiting inside that precious little acorn. One little acorn, with time, can also be the start of a whole forest of mighty oak trees.

Acorns are also considered to be a lucky symbol, representing prosperity, youthfulness, power and spiritual growth. The ancient symbol of the Tree has been found to represent physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation and liberation, union and fertility. … They are seen as powerful symbols of growth and resurrection. In many of folk religions, trees are said to be homes of spirits.