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ZIEBA Apple Bead

Inside the bite, Apple has only demons with horns, peach as a female aspect, apart from demons, has snakes that intertwine with the skulls of demons …

The apple has long been associated with love. With so many other tokens of affection, it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle, but since ancient times, it has been a symbol of love, ecstasy, fertility and abundance. The phrase “apple of my eye” is a very old expression which means “an object of affection or love.”

What does eating an apple symbolize?

Apple-symbolism in classical myth

He presented it to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. In Athens, newlyweds were said to eat an apple before entering the bridal chamber, because the fruit was thought to bring about ‘fruitfulness’, i.e., fertility.

Made out of Yellow Brass // Polished

Weight 15.55 gram

Height 16.55mm // width 16.88mm

Limited to 11pcs.

Design and Made by Michael ZIEBA