ZIEBA HexEye #2



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ZIEBA Hexagon Triplet Loupe

ZIEBA HexEye “Open Your Eyes” Magic will start over the Diamond Light <1.618 X 137.5>

This Triplet Loupe got another meaning…. ONLY 5 are going to be made, 2 are done… more in progress. Side are made out of “Hand Forget Timascus” that a mix of Titanium, always different.

Some technical info:

ZIEBA 10X 22 mm Hexagon Triplet Loupes are simply the best value in premium diamond loupes you can find. This is the Full Custom Timascus version of the 10X22mm Hexagon Triplet Loupe. Hexagon Triplet Loupes use the same Japanese made lenses that are found in the most expensive jewelers loupes in the world.

With a Hexagon loupe you get a the widest possible lens, at 22 mm diameter, so you get the widest possible field of view.  The lens is achromatic, that means it is corrected for spherical and chromatic aberrations so diamonds and other stones viewed have minimal distortion around the edges (spherical), and are corrected for color distortion (chromatic) which is also present around the edges in uncorrected loupes. Lenses are made in Japan using the highest quality optical glass, these lenses are also protected with a special treatment making them anti-reflective and scratch resistant.

All Hexagon Triplets are assembled in Brooklyn,NY using Japanese 22mm Triplet optics. They are professionally packaged with a soft storage pouch and each one includes a nylon lanyard.

10X Triplets are used to color grade and clarity grade diamonds. For clarity grading, if the flaw isn’t visible with 10X magnification, it does not exist for clarity grading purposes. Higher power loupes are difficult to use as they have minuscule fields of focus making them rarely used in gemology applications.