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ZIEBA Owl Key to Wisdom.

  • Made out of Sterling Silver .925

  • Weight 14.40gram // 0.508oz // 9.26dwt

  • Height 57mm

  • Comes with 24” / 60cm SS Box Chain

Original – Full Custom.

The symbolism of the owl. Like most animals, owls have a rich symbolic value. The owl is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and transformation.

Owls are majestic creatures. They silently observe us from a distance with their omniscient eyes and direct us in the right direction with their signs and symbols. They give us the answers we desperately seek, all we have to do is be aware and listen carefully.

The mythical, folklore, religious and symbolic depiction of an owl is fascinating, but what does it mean when you see an owl?

When birds visit us in our dreams, they generally tell us to let go of the negativity or the past. However, when we see owls in dreams, it can mean different things. Owl dreams are generally a sign that you should be aware of any scams or scams that are going on around you.

The oneirologist explains that the meaning of an owl can signify your unconscious mind trying to draw your attention to more conscious actions and thoughts in your waking life. It may be your inner realization of how these thoughts and actions are contrary to your spiritual goals. This means that the spiritual meaning of the owl remains the same, ie Consciousness and warning messages.

The different interpretations and symbolism of owls in your dreams may depend entirely on how you see them, as well as the breed of owls you see.

Seeing an owl in a dream means that you should be aware of what is happening in your environment. Borrow the owl’s spirit animal’s power to see things on a higher level.

My own vision is as follows …. Symbolism.

The key to the wisdom of thinking to the art of self-discovery is the knowledge that surrounds us. The road to it is extremely symmetrically curved, like the inscription on the key “Per Aspera ad Astra” and it will begin with a five-pointed birth star, along with two incisions it creates a passage, not closed and always open to those who believe in themselves.

The necklace is made to individual order. It is possible to change the style or material when ordering. If you have questions, please contact me.