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ZIEBA Peach Bead

Inside the Peach bite are snakes and demons that intertwine together to express the female aspect of the peach unlike the apple, where only the demons are placed.

What do peaches symbolize spiritually?

Peaches are delicate and unique fruits that can represent immortality, happiness, sensuality, and prosperity.

What are peaches associated with?

In Ancient Chinese myths, peaches connoted youth, and it was believed that eating one would grant immortality. Today, peaches are mainly associated with, ahem, vaginas and ass. Yet that’s not just due to a certain voluptuous emoji — peaches have been synonymous with more intimate regions of the body for centuries.

Are peaches lucky?

For example, peach blossoms are considered as lucky while the peach fruit itself refers to immortality and staying young. Peach trees are a symbols of longevity while peach petals symbolise love and happiness. Depending on the occasion, grapes can symbolise fertility or the abundance (of a certain thing).

Do fruits have meanings?

Fruits are often a symbol of abundance associated with the goddesses of fertility , plenty and the harvest. Fruit represents earthly pleasures,overindulgence and temptation. Specific kinds of fruit have acquired their own symbolic meanings in the myths and legends of different cultures

Made out of Yellow Brass // Polished

Weight 14.44 gram // 0.509oz

Height 16.55mm // Width 16.33mm

Limited to 11pcs.

Design and Made by Michael ZIEBA