ZIEBA Six Harpoon Bacon



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  • Blade Length : 2.952’” / 75mm

  • Blade thickness : 0.11811” / 3mm

  • Overall Length: 7-1/4″

  • Weight: 2.025 oz. // 57.40 gram

  • Blade hardness 61-62HRC

  • Knife type: Side Flipper

  • Blade Steel: MagnaCut

  • Scale Type: Titanium

  • Titanium Pocket Clip

  • Air pockets for weight reduction

  • Custom Stainless Steel hardware

  • Ceramic ball bearing washers

  • Ceramic detent

  • Comes with leather zip case

  • Brass “Got Bacon?” Pigs Spacer

Only 2 pcs is available, Only 2ps has been made.

– Original Design –

Reg. No. 5,460,992 Registered May 01 -2018 Class 8: Knives

Devil’s Tail Clip Design on a knife handle.

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33% of the income from the sale of each apple goes to charity, ultimately to the foundation “Future and Pat” and NJ Non Profit Corporation, in order to educate young artists. More about NP at www.futureandpast.com


I do offer a life-time sharpening service for all our knives that have been bought directly from this web. I only use materials that are locally purchased from US-owned and operated companies.