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ZIEBA Snake Key to Wisdom.

  • Made out of Sterling Silver .925

  • Weight 22.85gram // 0.806oz // 14.69dwt

  • Height 56.44mm

  • Comes with 24” / 60cm SS 4mm Box Chain

Original – Full Custom – Made to Order.

The key to spiritual transformation.

My own reflection on how the past is viewed in relation to the present and the future.

# The key is the road itself, the path is marked out, which is why I present here the motto Per Aspera ad Asta, which shows the hardships of life in a spiral. When everything needs to be balanced to exist.

# The visible letter T refers to the tree of life and something deeper, because in fact in the Hebrew alphabet Taw (or Tau) is the last letter and represents the fulfillment of the entire revealed work of God. This sign was also rewritten as X, or T, and in Greek transcription this sign was associated with the letter Tau, which then became the letter “T” in the Latin alphabet

# And what about the snakes they symbolize the eternal equilibrium that allows you to move on to the most precious… question or statement. The fact is that the key in this position is intended for a right-handed person.

# Runes – two ancient symbols. First Nauthiz – Consciousness is a necessity. What does not destroy me makes me stronger.

The second is Algiz, which monz translates as “Fear has a place in everyone’s heart. Courage is only the answer “

This summer I had a unique opportunity to get to know the same place where I have been many times and yet this time for the first time, because once I did not see the same as today.

Above the door to this place, the library there is an inscription in Latin # “This Gate is open to those who want to know the knowledge” and underneath # “Here, with a silent voice, teach those who came from this world” A very eloquent statement. This place was a mainstay for the German mathematician Johnnes Kepler.

A similar key only with an older one, with the same runes, opens the door to this very library, and in the inscription above the door it is hidden with Roman letters 1731. // Zagan.Poland.

I leave the further interpretation.